Capital threshold for filing appeal in indirect taxes rised

The central board of excise duty and customs (CBEC) has raised the capital threshold for filing appeals over indirect taxes. The limit is 10 lakhs in Custom Excise and Service tax appellate tribunal (CESTAT) and 15 lakhs in the high court, earlier the limit was 5 lakhs and 10 lakhs respectively. Appeals below this should not be filed by the department in courts or appellate. CBEC and the finance ministry brought about this change to reduce litigations and disputes with business entities. At present 5.5 trillion worth government revenue is locked up in 3 lakh legal battles. CBEC has instructed officers to withdraw cases in high court and CESTAT which were similar to previous cases where the department has lost the case in the Supreme Court and no review was obtained from it by them.

As a result 2,051 and 5,261 cases were identified for withdrawal from the high court and CESTAT respectively. The high court has allowed withdrawal of 250 cases and the tribunal has allowed 202 cases. Principal Commissioners or commissioners are instructed to hold a pre show cause notice meeting with the representative of the entity where the duty is above 50 lakhs. Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley brought in the new Dispute Resolution Scheme (DRS) in the 2016-17 budget. Under the scheme a taxpayer can settle disputed tax along with interest up to date and settle his or her case. No penalty will be charged over the disputed tax amount summing up to 10 lakhs and cases above 10 lakhs will have a 25 percent penalty. These steps are taken to build a simple tax regime without litigations


Pinterest clones are taking over the Chinese web

China is the so called “clone master” in the industry and it has even cloned the world famous Pinterest.  Pinterest is a dream place where you can fetch innovative and creative ideas for your project regarding anything and everything. It has been an inspiration to many “copycats” around the world. Previously, the Chinese developers were struck with Groupon fever but not anymore!

There are many Pinterest clones from Chinese developers on the web and Melishuo and Mogujie are some of them. Recently, Pinterest clone Melishuo had 10 million downloads and above 50 percent of them are monthly users. The particular statistics have infused fear in its rivals aka (also known as) Pinterest clones, not kidding at all! It poses a serious threat to several other similar clones and Mogujie is in the top position of Melishuo’s “rivals list”. There are no big differences between the infamous Chinese clones. However, Mogujie is expected to make around $200 million in its third round of funding.

But honestly speaking, Melishuo and other clones are nowhere close to the mighty Pinterest but a few of them seem to be quiet promising in locals’ point of view. Pinterest founder seems to be totally okay with the clones and the company gains free publicity due to Chinese web. Pinterest is now an inspiration to many other Chinese developers to not give up on cloning things.


China’s Uber clone starts out with a great start

Uber is the largest transport network and it is operating in many countries across the globe. The US based ride hailing company is very popular in the Asian continent. It was even hit with many controversies in India, but later recovered from it. The company is even keen in conquering many developing countries with its exciting features and campaigns. It poses a potential threat to the local rivals in the Asian countries and China is Uber’s favorite target since it is the most populated. But as we all know, China is the mega mind behind many popular clones in the world. It has cloned the most valuable startup in the world and it has received good responses from the locals. Surprisingly, Travis Kalanick’s $51 billion worth company is now a big flop in China and is also losing around $1 billion a year, poor Uber!

Uber is almost extinct in China and thanks to its clone, Didi Kuaidi. The US based ride hailing company did not make profit off the Chinese market and was slowly falling apart. According to several sources, Uber is just a black market that is basically looting money off its innocent users. The critics say Uber is an overrated company and it is an epic fail in many countries especially in China. Didi Kuaidi makes it really tough for Uber China and the clone has already reaped $1.5 billion off its service. It’s time for Uber to say its final prayers and bid goodbye to the mainland!


MessageMe is just a mixture of all Asian chat applications

MessageMe is a new American chat application and it is grabbing a lot of attention from the global audience. We all know whatever Americans produce is a massive hit regardless anything, no offense to the country! The brand new American application is already a hit and is also making millions of dollars with its app. The critics say the app is just a mixture of all the other chat applications from the Asian market. MessageMe promises to offer features that have been previously implemented by the infamous apps like WeChat and Line.
Why is MessageMe much hyped when there are many better apps in the market? Maybe because of its brand name and marketing strategies, just a guess! The over-hyped American app offers features like voice, video, doodles, images and music that have already been imposed by the Asian apps. However, MessageMe does not offer stickers in its features list and it is not a big issue either. According to several sources, the overrated app is not very innovative and unique when compared to the other chat applications in the market.
WeChat has more than 300 million users and Line has over 100 million users, but the reach is not any better than MessageMe. We have to applaud MessageMe for providing us with the most efficient and smoothest user experience. Also, it is not really fair to forget about the other apps that have been inspiration to America’s new app


Netflix clone iFlix is a hit in Southeast Asia

Who doesn’t love to spend time with Netflix and a bowl full of popcorn? It is better than a date with your dream partner, isn’t it? Sadly, Netflix is not available in many countries and it is a huge disappointment for many movie lovers but not anymore fellows! There is a clone for Netflix as well and it is already making huge revenues in the Southeast Asian countries.

The Malaysian based iFlix organization is looking forward to make history just like Netflix. The US based firm has been a massive hit and even people from other parts of the world are aware of its fame. Netflix has already entered into countries like Australia and New Zealand and would soon be unleashed in Japan as well. It would take ages for it to set foot in other countries. Clone of everything at zoplay visit

Netflix clone iFlix and other clones would have a bright career in the countries where Netflix is not available. It has picked up $30 million in pre launching funding, crazy eh? But honestly speaking, no clone could even match up to the US based company’s achievements. Also, the CEO of Netflix Reed Hastings is not really bothered about the clones and seems to be very cool about it.

There are several other Netflix wannabes like HOOQ that are not very popular among the public. The Malaysian based iFlix is soon going to arrange a movie date with popcorn and nachos to people of Southeast Asian countries!


China’s major Pinterest clone Mogujie is a money making business

Pinterest is a place on the web where you can find ideas and tips for your projects and it follows the concept of bulletin boards. It allows the users to bookmark and collect pictures from anywhere on the web and post them on the bulletin boards. The American based website is the most successful firm and has had successful market revenues in the past. It is the fast growing firm with millions of users registering in the site every month.
Many web companies have tried to clone Pinterest and have even ended up with an epic fail. Not all of them were as successful as Pinterest but a few made a half way to success. China’s major Pinterest clone Mogujie is not just another “usual clone”. It is very user friendly unlike the other clones and it displays the women’s category on the first page. The Mogujie founder Chen Qi has implemented a new formula called “FOR” to rate all the famous sites out there on the web. FOR stands for Fragments, Organize and Reorganize and it can be used to rate the sites in ratio wise.
Chen has been humble enough to give low scores for his own clone when compared to the mighty Pinterest. He feels there are many more changes to be made in the site before it even competes with Pinterest. But nevertheless, Mogujie is a grand success among the locals and is a lot better than the rest in the market!


Amazing Cupid is a tribute to Flappy Bird, not a clone!

We all love Flappy Bird and it is one of the most addictive games of the decade! It was so addictive that few people even went to the extent of ending their lives simply because they were not able to finish the level, sounds crazy, eh? Due to various reasons, the original creator Dong Nguyen removed the game from app stores.
It’s great news for all the Flappy Bird lovers out there, we now have a similar game to Dong’s called Amazing Cupid. There are a few differences and the main character is not the fat old bird, it is a fat man in unfitted blue t shirt. It was developed by one of the topmost game developers of Indonesia and has 3 modes of difficult level as normal, hard and impossibro. It was exclusively designed and released for Valentine’s Day and has already received a warm welcome from people around the world. It has another exciting feature called secret message where you can send secret notes to your favorite people. It is sure going to be mega hit among the game lovers in the industry!
However, the critics say it is just a copy of the famous Flappy Bird and the developer Touchten should be sued for not buying the copyrights from the original mastermind. He has replied to the critics and his haters that Dong Nguyen is totally okay with it and also the game is nothing but a small tribute to Flappy bird!


The mighty Amazon’s clone Lazada now hits Indonesian market

We all know the mighty Amazon, what it does to our lives! The famous American firm has even turned many non shoppers into crazy shopaholics. Amazon has been an inspiration to many e commerce sites out there and it was the first ever site with huge inventories. It poses a dangerous threat to many other widely famous ecommerce sites as well. Many have even tried to reincarnate and clone Amazon but ended with up an immense and epic… victory NOT!
Rocket market is a German based internet company that clones thriving businesses and exploits them in the geographical market. Previously, it launched a site called Zalora that focuses on fashion and now, it has launched a site that is exclusively meant for electronics. It is known as Lazada which means Loop in Spanish and it is soon expected to hit the Indonesian market.
Lazada focuses on electronic devices like TVs, computers, cell phones, laptops and so on. The site has already partnered with some leading brands in the industry like Lenovo, Apple, Samsung, etc. It has been launched in Indonesia and Egypt and received a huge red carpet welcome from the public. It would soon be launched in many other Southeast Asian countries and spread across the globe.
The site would pose a threat to local sites in Indonesia and they are already feeling the heat due to Lazada’s huge inventories on electronics. Though it follows the same concept as Amazon, it is nowhere close to the ecommerce giant!


Chinese Secret clone is set to relaunch with better UI

China, being the clone master has been successful with many clones in the market but not all of them resemble the original one. Recently, many Secret clones were released in the market and Chinese version of Secret in the name “Mimi” was one of them. But the app vanished off from the app store into thin air after being heavily criticized by the critics. Some even called it as a cheaper and a shameless version of Secret.
The founder of Chinese Secret clone has removed the app from the store and is currently working on renewing it. Mimi’s design is the same as Secret but the graphics are worst and a lot cheaper. Nevertheless, the user interface was also not up to the mark and it received very low ratings from the users.
After so many mixed reviews from the public, the app was removed with no prior announcement. It would soon hit the app store with a brand new name and improved version of UI. Qiao Qiao is another Chinese app that has an icon similar to the famous Secret and the CEO of Secret, David Byttow seems to be cool about it, after all, it is just like free publicity for it. David’s Secret is the not the only app that has been cloned by the Chinese developers, there are many other famous US apps that have been cloned and also ended up with an epic fail as well!


The Groupon wannabe in Indonesia

Groupon is the most famous and successful ecommerce site and it has been an inspiration to many startups in the world. But, copycat is completely a different story and sometimes, it ends up being a spoof. Indonesia is no less than China when it comes to cloning global products. There are many Groupon clones and several of them are from Indonesia.
Disdus is the most familiar Indonesian group buying site that has thousands of active users. Lapar is another infamous site from the country and it is people’s favorite one. AdaDiskon follows the concept of Groupon and its users are some hungry bargainers from Facebook and Twitter. However, there is no big media coverage for it despite the huge number of followers.
There are so many Groupon clones in Indonesia and not of all them are good at what it does. SuperBestDeal is the Groupon clone aggregator that promises to help the Indonesians choose the best site to bargain for their favorite products.
These many clones from Indonesia and other countries mark the victory for the US based online site. Rich Williams, the CEO of Groupon would be making millions of dollars and dancing in joy due to the site’s massive reach across the globe. Also, Groupon poses a threat to a lot of local sites and its rivals.
All these clones are not any better than the original site but they are locals’ favorite one. Nevertheless, Indonesia is making it tougher for the so called “clone master” China, sarcasms much?